• On 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks hit the World Trade Centre in New YorkOn 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks hit the World Trade Centre in New York
  • American president George W. Bush declared war against terrorism in CongressAmerican president George W. Bush declared war against terrorism in Congress
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Terrorism began in the early 1990s; it was directed against oppositional politicians, other ethnicities and cultures. Ever since the 1990s the Islamic jihad became a challenge for western civilisation. Ever since the radical-extremist TalibancustomThe Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan, ruling as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from September 1996 until December 2001 seized power in Afghanistan and the reformation of the country into an Islamic theocracy Muslimism freedom fighters were increasingly directed against the deployment of US- and NATO-troops in Muslim areas. The jihadists considered the USA a foreign enemy supporting military interventions in Islamic countries. Thus several terror attacks on US embassies already took place in the 1990s, they could be allocated to the terrorist network Al-Kaidacustomal-Qaeda operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army.


The terror attacks on the 11th of September 2001customThe September 11 attacks killed almost 3,000 people in the United States. Four passenger airliners were hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists so they could be flown into buildings in suicide attacks. Targets were both towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington (according to 911 Commission Report) in the USA are internationally considered a caesura, due to their extensive consequences. That day Islamist suicide assassins hijacked four passenger aircrafts and let them crash on purpose. Their goals were the Pentagon in Washington and the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, which collapsed in consequence. 3000 people died in total. Osama bin LadencustomOsama bin Laden was the founder and leader of al-Qaeda. He was blamed for the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001 in the United States and his terrorist network Al-Kaida are regarded as responsible for the attacks1.

War against terrorism

Immediately after the attacks in the USA the American president George W. BushcustomGeorge W. Bush was the President of the United States from 2001 to 2009. He launched the War on Terror, an international military campaign which included the war in Afghanistan declared war against terrorism in Congress. A case of alliance in the UN Security Council on the 12th of September 2011 permitted the USA to militarily invade Afghanistan, legalised by the right of self-defence. US troops commenced the bombing of Afghanistan and the search for the people in charge of the Al-Kaida in October 2001. When the American government accused Iraq of possessing weapons in September 2002 the war expanded to the Middle East. Indeed the dictator Saddam HusseincustomSaddam Hussein was President of Iraq from 1979 to 2003 was overthrown it was later discovered that Iraq did not posses NBC-weaponscustomWeapon of mass destruction and that the declaration of war had therefore a misapprehension. Officially the USA and NATO troops intervene in such countries in order to realise civil rights and liberties and avoid further terror attacks2.

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