• Object and purpose of United Nations is peace keeping, international law and civil and human rightsObject and purpose of United Nations is peace keeping, international law and civil and human rights
  • Military troops of the United NationsMilitary troops of the United Nations
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Technological discoveries, freedom and new communication systems are characteristics of the progressing process of globalisation. It unites people of different nationalities and cultures and promotes the political rapprochement concerning a global peace order. Noted unions as for example the United Nation, the European Union and the NATO thus facilitate an international policy of peace.

United Nations & NATO

After the meeting of the UN charter in 1945 the United Nations were founded by 51 founding members as a global and international organisation. Object and purpose of this merger was peace keeping, international law and civil and human rights. Additionally this union intended international cooperation concerning global topics (climate change, civil wars, and oppressions). The FRGcustomFederal Republic of Germany (West Germany until 1990) and GDRcustomGerman Democratic Republic (until 1990) joined in 1973 according the policy of détente indented by the federal government under Willy BrandtcustomWilly Brandt was chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 to 1974. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971 for his efforts to achieve reconciliation between West and East Germany. The NATO is a union of 28 European/North American states and serves as a protection of global peace militarily. While the union was seen as a counterweight to the Warsaw Pact during the Cold war, its aims since the collapse of the Soviet Union are designed to avert political oppression and to protect civil rights and freedoms. NATO troops only invade other states if the United Nations decide a case of alliance and legitimise the right to self-defence (see 9/11)1.

European Union

The association of 27 states was officially founded in the Treaty of MaastrichtcustomThe Maastricht Treaty created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency in 1991/92 even though a similar union had existed for some time already. After the German turnaround the member states created a new economical and currency order. Basic aims are democracy, respecting human rights and economic cooperation. The member states were additionally obliged to economically support other members in case of a financial crisis (EU – bailout found)2.

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