About us

en.geschichte-abitur.de is an online platform designed to help students, especially on high schools, prepare for their finals. However it also offers information concerning German and international history to anybody who is interested.

Our goals are to support people preparing for their finals as well as convey historical key data understandably and – first and foremost – compactly. Our articles indicate several web pages which explain certain matters in a more detailed manner, giving our readers the chance to double-check or gain more information concerning certain topics.

Just in time with our finals in 2012 we started dealing with the planning and realising of our website and the development of an interactive internet platform emphasising on history. We, Fabio Schwabe and Christopher Schwab, were in one year group at school and were already well grounded on the topic through our advanced level course in history. We especially entertained the idea to create our own website to explain learning material in the most comprehensible way in year 13, due to our own experiences while preparing for examinations. Therefore we think we know how to convey the information to our readers.

Our website is still being developed, both technically and contentwise. We happily accept questions or feedback – just contact us via our Contact- or Feedback-Form!